XVIDA Basics Collection


What is XVIDA Basics?

XVIDA Basics is a new collection of high-quality smartphone accessories offered at a value price.

Why XVIDA Basics?

Through the years we developed a strong partnership with our manufacturers. As our portfolio of products expanded and in particular since the launch of our wireless charging system, several of our longtime manufacturing partners approached us with new product ideas and wanted to see whether we could incorporate these products in the XVIDA System. While our in-house designers work tirelessly to come up with new and innovative products, we were nonetheless intrigued and wanted to see what they could come up with. We then carefully selected a collection of products whose quality and durability closely match our quality requirements.  XVIDA Basics Collection is the final result. All the products have been customized to ensure they are fully compatible with the original XVIDA product line. In order to be able to offer them to you at the most affordable price possible, these products are sold in basics retail packaging.

XVIDA Basics enables us to offer you a bigger variety of well-made, innovative products at a faster pace. Moreover, we are also able to help our manufacturing partners showcase the products they worked so hard to develop. We are extremely pleased with the collection and we look forward to expanding it in the near future. We hope you’ll like it too!

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