Professional Keyboard with Embedded Touchscreen

Product integrates a complete working environment in a single easy to use unit:

a quality wireless keyboard, a fully user/application programmable embedded touchscreen, a headset, speakers, various sensors, RF card reader and optionally IP-based KVM. It is designed to cater specific applications where user will benefit from organized workspace without cable clutter, and with additional touchscreen unit. Additional sensors allow detection of active user in front of a keyboard and surrounding lighting level. Keyboard inserts can be easily changed to accomodate hygienic requirements for multiple users. Various KVM options can be accomodated.

Modular system

The modular nature of KBD-TS10 ensures that even the most demanding requirements can be easily met, by simply adding features to the system as job specifications evolve. A truly future-proof approach to KVM, that lifts restrictions and cuts operation costs.

10" Touchscreen

Use it instead of regular monitor for special lab applications or as a
complement to main display.
Fully programmable with GUI support via embedded system.

Has access to RF reader, speakers, sensors and other keyboard resources.


Wireless keyboard module.
Can be easily switched for multi-user environment.
Keyboard extensions are possible using external USB keypads.

Integrated handset

Call center quality handset.
Plug & play operation with standard drivers.
With hook switch, signal processing, ambient noise suppression, and status indicators.

Presence and
lighting sensors

Give the system the ability to detect the presence of a user and adapt to lighting conditions.

RF card reader

Multi standard RF card reader is especially useful for multi-user
environment. Users may be required to authenticate with an RF
card to execute certain operations.

Embedded IP KVM

For professional operation, multiple models of IP KVM can be
integrated according to customer specification.


1|   Fully programmable 10" touch screen

2|   5-point capacitive touch recognition

3|   Rugged, designed and certified for industrial usage


1|   Integrated stereo speakers
2|   Switch easily between speakers and headphones via accessible push button
3|   Superb sound quality for crystal clear communication


1|   Modern industrial design with ergonomics and versatility in mind
2|   Comfortable wrist rest and top-of-the-line industry standard keyboard
3|   Ergonomic screen position ensures minimum glare and prevents obstruction of the main monitor


call and support centers




control rooms

trading centers

industry applications

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